What Camera Do You Use

What camera do you use
Hahahahahahaha, that question makes me laugh
Most wedding photography advice will tell you to ask your photographer what kind of camera he or she uses.Wait, are you kidding me?!! Unless you are a camera geek,what a waste of saliva rather bundle. I dont even have a slightest idea of what the best camera is yet this is what i do for a living.
How about just looking at a photographers potfolio and look for how you want your images to look like. That says alot about you in your photographers mind.You’ll notice that certain photographers have different tools To tell stories.i am more of a diverse kind of photographer who loves shooting subjects in realtion to the surrounding coz to me composition is key than even the kind of camera i use but rather the lense!
Below are some of the different images i have shot with different cameras if you can tell the difference post your coments below and tell make what you think.